• Frankie Santiago

Black Beard's Brotherhood

A gym where men, both believers, or seekers, can feel whole. Where not only are they trained spiritually, but also physically, and emotionally.

When we think of discipleship we often just think about the ability to understand the commands of Jesus, implement them, and then teach others to do the same. What about the rest of what life throws at you?

When I was 25 or so, on the missions field, I had so much potential that had been locked inside. I’m not talking just abilities, and talents, but my heart was broken, unhealed, unfathered, generally not in great shape all around. I was not operating out of a full heart, or identity. Pastor Rob came into my life, mentored me, discipled me, and fathered me. It changed my perception of the way Jesus would have done ministry in the current world particularly when it comes to men. He also taught me what to feed myself, the importance of physical exercise on the field, and the benefits it carries into ministry.

The gym is in the basement of the local church in our neighborhood, which has been a great opportunity to partner with them in serving our neighbors. This gym is an open invitation to all in the Persian, and particularly to the Hazara community. One of the biggest struggles they have voiced, and faced is lack of community and fellowship. This space allows for holistic opportunities of fellowship outside of church meetings, and normal small groups. It is a space they personally are invited to use, make their own and benefit from.

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