• Madeleine Kraus

Local Germans helping young refugees to learn German!

Updated: Jan 4

Every summer Visioneers.Berlin hold a summer German learning program for young refugee teenagers and adults from Berlin who want to improve their German skills. Since we were all German mother-tongue speakers, this sounded like a perfect place to be and to help, so we started preparing. Him and his wife were really happy to have some helping hands, and they welcomed us to the team.

The program started in the morning by having German lessons planned for the different language levels, separated into different groups.

In the afternoon we went out with the group, exploring the city with different kinds of programs to teach the teens and young adults about the history of Berlin/Germany, getting to know different sightseeing points and their (historical) meanings, and doing some sports activities; for example, a climbing garden!

That was a lot of fun, and it helped build relationships. We loved seeing progress in the language and especially seeing personalities grow in self-confidence. It’s not easy to come to a new country, not know the language at the beginning, and have a completely different cultural background. But the teens and young adults did so well, and it was a joy seeing them at the end of the program standing in front at the graduation day with a certificate proving that they participated in this program – in their free time and holiday.

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