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ANDOCKEN is German for docking or to dock.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

ANDOCKEN is the brain child of Salomé, a local German mom and leader on our team. The current system for language learning is not successful in helping our refugee friends integrate. Through ANDOCKEN we start groups for German learning with local German 'Guides' for refugee families. We meet in each others homes, learn together and eat together with the aim of building deep intentional friendships.

You can count on the Iraqi to always have snacks on hand:) The course is designed around story telling and games. It is a really encouraging environment. Its awesome to see the guys opening up as their confidence builds. We start our mornings with simply sharing "Ich bin dankbar für", "I am thankful for" and most often the men express a deep thankfulness for new friends.

Often refugee moms can stay in a country for many years and never learn the local language. Most opportunities are available for their husbands and this leaves them isolated and disenfranchised. We started a group for moms, where they can bring their babies to class. They find community as they all eat lunch together every day, learn German and support each other through the difficulty of integrating.

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